M3 Breakup Solution System

M3 Breakup Solution System

M3 Breakup Solution System


Product Overview:

M3 Breakup Solution System is a step by step relationship rebuilding system developed by relationship coach and consultant Michael Griswold.

Product Description Features & Benefits: From the depths of painful personal experience, relationship coach Michael Griswold developed this  ‘get your ex back‘ information product which includes audio and video presentations.  

The M3 Breakup Solution System is broken down into three important modules that strategically help you get back with your ex:

1. MODULE ONE of the M3 Breakup Solution System – MINDSET

Module one is a collection of six full length videos and audios that will show you how to get your confidence and poise back. People communicate emotions through body language – more so that most of us realize.

Michael teaches how to use this to your advantage as well as understand the most important psychological triggers that you can use, and when to use them.

Video One: Learn the secrets – how to reattract your ex back. This goes beyond initial attraction.

Video Two: The one word in the English language that has the power to transform the existing dynamic between you and your ex.

Video Three: Understanding what really happened. Help your mind to focus on the important things rather than the issues that have little to do with why you broke up.

Video Four: How not to fall into the manipulation trap. Unlock the secrets of persuasion that will allow you to harness what the other person’s wants are and help you align your interests.

Video Five: Learn how to relax and gain your composure using a centuries old meditation technique.

Video Six: Dumping negative emotions that drag you down and can potentially stand in the way of getting your ex back.

MODULE TWO of the M3 Breakup Solution System – METHOD

Once you have your emotions under control and regained your confidence , you’ll broaden your understanding of what happened and learn Michael’s exact method for getting your ex back with these videos:

Video Seven: The important answer to the question “should you get back together with your ex?”  Discover three vital ingredients Michael identifies that are needed within your relationship for it to work.

Video Eight: The answer to the question “do I have a chance…a real chance to get back with my ex?” One important factor is revealed in this video that contains the all important answer to this question.

Video Nine: Forming and committing to your long term goal. This important piece of the puzzle will teach you how to prevent breaking up again, after getting back together.

Video Ten: Why you want to avoid sending the infamous “break up letter”. Although some relationship self help people teach this method, you will learn why you might not want to a letter to your ex.

Video Eleven: What “no contact” and “limited contact” with your ex really means. There’s alot of random advice out there on what you should be doing, in terms of contacting your ex. This video will teach you how to do this, and when.

Video Twelve: Additional issues addressed – advice on what to do if you still live with your ex – if you have children with your ex or if you are living  long distance. Discover one tactic that you can still use when it comes to no contact and limited contact in these situations.

Video Thirteen: Creating new desire within your ex. This goes beyond the initial attraction you felt for each other. Learn how to effectively reattract your ex in this video.

MODULE THREE of the M3 Breakup Solution System – MOVING FORWARD

In this module you’ll discover the most important reason why you are doing what you’re doing.  The videos in this module:

Video Fourteen: Turning the tables and getting your ex to call you. Beyond that, instilling the desire within your ex to see you again!

Video Fifteen: How to call back – learn what to say to your ex when you return their call.

Video Sixteen: First date strategies – ideas for where you should go and what to do when you reconnect with your ex in person. Tips on making yourself desirable.

Video Seventeen: Long distance – how to create that spark and desire even when you’re far away from each other.

Video Eighteen: Straight up sex talk. Learn when to make love again and when to wait so that the passion you have for each other builds and doesn’t backfire.

Video Nineteen:Last ditch effort. The proven tactics you can use if all else fails.

Target Market: Men and women who are in the throes of a relationship meltdown and very much want to restore and rebuild their relationship with an ex lover, partner or spouse.
Social Proof:
  • As seen on TV, Google, Yahoo, MSN, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  • Success stories featured on sales page
  • Testimonials on the page where a client has received one on one consultation with Michael Griswold
Actual Customer Feedback: M3 Breakup Solution System – TESTIMONIAL #1 – Carlos T.: 

“Your Stuff Works so WELL!
Oh my GOD!! Your stuff works soooo well!! I haven’t had any kind of contact with my ex, and she is already leaving emails, text messages, calls, all that! She is saying it was a mistake and that we should get back toguether and telling me how much she MISSES me.

I just got off the phone with her, and as much as I would have loved to say to her how much I missed her and wanted her now, I stood my ground and told her, that the best thing for us right now is to spend time with our families and friends, and that later we could consider giving this a shot. All of this in a calm tone of voice by the way.

Anyway, I will still celebrate my birthday this weekend only with friends and family, keep on going to the gym (cause I used to go a lot, but started slacking out just to spend more time with her, look where that got me? lol), do some yoga, and simply work on myself so whenever we get back toguether not only will she have me back, but she will have that same positive, full of positive energy Carlos that she fell for.

Thank you so much Michael, I feel like I owe you so much more!”

M3 Breakup Solution System – TESTIMONIAL #2 – Justin (Kentucky):

“I am so grateful for your tips and videos!

Because of your videos and tips I have slowly started to work things out with my ex. Before she used to not even talk to me but now we are talking and we are working through our problems. She is currently with someone else and I have let her know that I am happy for her if she is happy with this other person and that I would stop chasing after her, to which she retorted “You dont have to chase me anymore.” She is still with him but I think she might end things with him. I am so greatful for your tips and videos. Thank you so much for helping me get back the girl that I love.”

M3 Breakup Solution System – TESTIMONIAL #3 – La vinci Banalo:

“I just want to say thank you Michael…

I just had a 1 hour conversation with Michael Griswold and I have to say it was very insightful and it was something that I’d definitely needed to hear. This is definitely gonna help me with my problem of relationships. Pretty much, everything that we’re spoken about in the conversation, I knew I had to do, but I didn’t have the courage to do it. And now, now I do and and I’m pretty sure that after I complete everything Michael Griswold that I should do. Everything work itself out in the end.

I just want to say thank you to Michael Griswold for helping me out of my situation and I hope nothing but for the best.”

Company Information & Support: Contact the product author: 

Michael Griswold

Website: M3 Breakup Solution System

Reunited Relationships
303 N Meadow St , Richmond, VA 23220, USA

Email: info[@]reunitedrelationshipsadvice.com

Product Bonuses: M3 Breakup Solution System Written Bonuses (pdf downloads): 

1. Ebook – “Making Up Made Easy”

2. Special Report – “What To Do When You See Your Ex With Someone Else”

M3 Breakup Solution System – Five Video Bonuses:

1. “Ipod Therapy” – empowerment through music. Discover how powerful music can be when it comes to healing heartbreak. Music is a driver of many emotions – in this video you’ll discover your courage and how to get rid of any painful memories caused by music.

2. How to Avoid The 3 Unforgivable Mistakes. Learn to avoid these crucial mistakes before making them.

3. Knowing when your ex is lying to you or telling the truth. There are 3 keys you’ll discover and know beyond a shadow of a doubt if you’re being lied to.

4. Body language interpreter – learn how to read your ex’s body language so that your next move is a success!

5. Letting go of the phone. How to resist the urge to call your ex whether you’ve had a few too many or not.

M3 Breakup Solution System – Five Bonus Audios:

1. FAQ call – listen in on this special call with over 100 people who are in the same boat.

2. Meditation and relaxation audio – tune into this audio to take yourself to a better place. Let go of your worries – regain your poise, confidence and focus.

3. Tapping into your subconscious. Powerful technique helps you regain your confidence through the power of your subconscious mind. Having your confidence back is one of the best things you can do for yourself – this audio helps you restore it quickly.

4. Audio for releasing negative emotions.

5. “Making Up Made Easy” audio MP3. This is the audio commentary of the “Making Up Made Easy” ebook bonus.

Special Facebook Bonus:

Entitled “Facebook Ju-Jitsu”…this video bonus will help you use your Facebook profile to your advantage for getting your ex back. Highly recommended.

Bonus: What If Your Ex is Seeing Someone New?

Product Price: M3 Breakup Solution System – Silver Membership: $47.00 USD one time purchase. This level includes all three modules, plus the “Making Up Made Easy” ebook and audio, and also the bonus “What to do when you see your ex with someone else”. 

M3 Breakup Solution System – Gold Membership: $97.00 USD one time purchase. This level includes all three modules, plus the silver membership bonuses and audio bonuses.

M3 Breakup Solution System – Platinum Membership $197.00 currently DISCOUNTED to $97.00 USD.

This level of membership includes the entire product plus all bonuses for a one time special purchase price (as of this writing) – $97.00.

Products are digital downloads to your computer – immediately  accessible upon purchase.

Refund Policy: 60 Days from date of purchase – 100% money back guarantee.
Overall Product Rating: The M3 Breakup Solution System ranked 9 stars out of 10 total:  

m3 breakup solution system

Closing Comments: We found the M3 Breakup Solution System videos to be helpful and the kind of information people are looking for who want to know what to do  in order to repair their relationship – get back together and get back the love they’ve lost. 

The product itself is a solid product and if customers follow the course, they have a good chance of rebuilding a better relationship than they had before.

If you decide to purchase the M3 Breakup Solution System by clicking on a link from this site, please drop us an email at help[@]exbackproducts.com confirming your purchase, if you need additional support.

Due to the fact that buyers have 60 days to try The M3 System, there is little to no risk for investing in this product. We believe the product is a good bargain for what customers receive.

Your Feedback Welcome: Are you an M3 Breakup Solution System customer?  

If you would like to share your experiences and/or feedback with this product and have your comments posted in the actual customer feedback section above, please use our Contact Form to get in touch with us. You could be helping out another person by giving your personal feedback about how the “M3 Breakup Solution System” helped you – thanks!



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