Get Your Woman Back:

Get Your Woman Back – Simple Ideas For Success When It Comes To Winning Her Back

OK guys – you want to know how to get your woman back after a bad fight or breakup. What’s next?

Would you consider your girl to be someone forgiving? If not, then it might not be easy…but it’s not impossible to get your woman back in your arms.

Some people think of women as elephants…not because they’re obese necessarily but because we tend to remember things for a very long time…similar to elephants!

Can you honestly say that over 50% of the problems are because of you? If you’ve messed up and can honestly take a look at yourself and admit it – you are halfway home and you can definitely get your woman back.

And it’s not just admitting it to yourself…it’s going to take admitting it to her, too.

Get Your Woman Back…

trying for the first time?

Is this the first time you’ve tried to patching things up…get her back? If this is the first time, you might only get one chance to win her back so you need to do this for all the right reasons.

Think about where you’re coming from. Is this a case of wanting what you can’t have? Or worse, if you were the one that got dumped, you might just want to even the score…get your woman back in the relationship and then turn your back and see how she likes it.

So What’s The Real Reason for Getting Your Woman Back?

Honestly? If either of these reasons are your motives to get your woman back, do yourself a big favor and forget the whole thing.

get your woman backBut if you’re sincere, and this is the gal you really want to spend most of your time with or maybe even the rest of your life with then you need to get moving with a solid plan of action.

The best part is there are strategies you can use…(nothing underhanded or sneaky)…that have a good chance of convincing her to try again with you.

Remember this – most women are loyal once in a committed relationship, and since she was in love with you before…(and probably still is, underneath it all)…it won’t be easy for her to turn off those love feelings.

Don’t wait too long to try and get your woman back, because there’s a good chance another man will come along and try to take your place because a good single woman is going to attract the attention of other single men.

One thing you don’t’ want to do is be predictable. Don’t go out and do what most guys would do and order flowers, or something else along those lines that doesn’t take a lot of effort on your part to do.

Have you thought of writing her a sincere letter? How about researching a love poem that contains the words you mean to say to her?

Writing her a handwritten letter can help when it comes to getting her to open up to you again, but you have to mean every word because she will know if you don’t.

Get Your Woman Back- Figure Out Why You Broke Up

Bottom line, it all depends on why you broke up and how it all happened. Did she tell you she felt like you weren’t considering her needs, or she felt taken for granted in some way?

If so, you need to take a hard look at yourself and see if she’s right. If she is, then you need to do a hard thing…you need to admit this was true…that you understand what happened and that you made a big mistake.

Get your woman back? You have to promise her it won’t happen again.

If you were caught cheating with someone else, then you’ve got your work cut out for you because it is going to take some serious effort on your part to get things right again.

You might be in a hurry to make things right again, and that is completely understandable. But the best approach is to not rush her right now. She needs time and some space to get through what happened.

Get Your Woman Back – Find That Delicate Balance

You have to find a balance, and the balance is going to be a delicate one but you have to learn how to respect her need for space, but also stay in her life at the same time.

If you lose touch with her and keep everything locked inside of you, that is not going to work, as far as the two of you getting back together. So you do have to stay in touch and let her know that you’re thinking about her.

Tell her how you feel and that she is still special…that you realize she is number one for you.

The last thing for now, when it comes to how to get your woman back is to reassure her that you are willing to move at her pace…no pressure.

Don’t offer to be ‘just a friend’ because what you really want is to your woman back, not a friend.

Yes, you always want to be a friend first. The best relationships come from having a great friendship, and you can tell her that you are her friend, first and foremost…but be clear about your overall intentions – that what you really want is that special closeness again.


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